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Our pest control technicians are highly skilled and always up to date on the latest education. They can be in and out without interrupting your day. We use a treatment that is safe for you, and your family as well as your pets. 



For Both Residential and Commercial 


1. Initial Treatment 

            We will thoroughly inspect your home for current activity, searching out the unexpected places where pest live and

            breed. We will apply a barrier in these areas that will eradicate any current pest activity and take away the access

            to and harborage areas they have found. 


2. Convenient Exterior Services -

           Because the exterior is where most insect activity originates from, we can continue to apply preventative barrier (road block)                    to stop easy access into your home. We will maintain this barrier or road block according to the frequency that you selecet:

                * Monthy Service

                * Bi-Monthy Service

                * Quarterly Service 


3. Unlimited free re-services and interior services -

           If you have a problem between scheduled visits for all Monthly Service, just call us. We will be right there to re-service your home at             no cost to you.

Once you choice a frequency of service you would like.  Our technicians will give you a set monthly date on which they will visit your home.


Termite Inspection -

     The technicians will inspect around the exterior foundation wall or slab, the interior crawlspace or basement walls as well as piers       and the interior perimeter of the garage, if present. The inspector is looking for any signs of foraging termite activity or any               termite damage to the home.   


Termite Treatment - 

      At this time we are strictly an inspection company only.  We are not performing Termite Treatments.  With that said we have             over 30 years experience and happy to guide you and answer any questions you have about treatments. 


Ask us about our annual “PMI” (Preventative Maintenance Inspection) program  

and receive a Free Termite Inspection!

David Jones

Home Services

General Home Inspections,

Septic Inspections, Termite Inspections and General Pest Control 

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